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A butcher doesn't work in a hospital. Don't let one cut into your home. 
Repair & Restoration

Aging homes eventually show signs of deterioration, but a "Check Engine" light doesn't inform you that something is wrong. A stain on the ceiling, a door or window that won't open or close properly, a sagging floor or deck, mold. Some of these examples can be signs that your home is taking in water. I can't tell you how many times water has entered someone's home because of poor workmanship. Please, trust a seasoned carpenter to keep your home high & dry.

Kitchens & Baths

Quite a bit of time is spent in these two rooms. In kitchens and bathrooms, you want peace and tranquility. Convenience and ease of access. Careful consideration is taken when planning your ideal kitchen or bathroom to get the satisfaction you expect.  

Building & Additions

Perhaps you've outgrown your home, there is a new addition to the family, or you are looking to enjoy time outdoors with a new deck, farmer's porch or sunroom. Whatever the case may be, I would be happy to help you add to your home. Adding sq. footage to your home not only increases your living space, but it adds value to your home. Above all, it gives you a place to create lasting memories. 

Siding & Decks

If you are tired of painting your home or deck and want to make a transition to vinyl products, we can accommodate you. There is an impressive array of products on the market that I use. They are durable, realistic and very easy on the eyes. If you want to stick with traditional wooden siding, I can accommodate you there as well. Regardless of your taste or preference, we have a solution that is suitable for your pallet. 

Doors & Windows

If you decide to update your carpeted area to a hardwood or vinyl floor, a personalized approach will be taken to be sure you have the appropriate flooring for your space. 

Make a statement and represent your home with your entry door. Get rid of drafty windows that are driving up your heating and cooling bills. 

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